Friday, February 26, 2010

Why We're Excited About Going Mobile

Those of us on the Convene team straddle two industries: media and meetings. We can't do our best by readers unless we're continually in the know about both. Technology is quickly changing the way the meetings industry works, yes, but its impact on media and print is nothing less than huge.

A recent article in Forbes solidified for me — albeit on a grand scale — why it's important that the digital version of Convene is now accessible on Apple mobile devices (and in the works for those of us with CrackBerries):
Through mobile devices, the Internet is now becoming the "system of communication" needed to truly connect the entire world. Two-thirds of the world's population now uses mobile phones, with the strongest growth in developing countries. We are connected to the wider Web and to each other in ways never before imaginable, and the size of that market, combined with the low cost of immediate global distribution, means there have never been greater opportunities for media businesses, especially those that are able to apply the lessons of history toward understanding how to prepare for the future.

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