Friday, March 12, 2010

All a-Twitter

JetBlue created a mob scene in Manhattan on Wednesday, when it used its Twitter account to create a sort of scavenger hunt/giveaway to celebrate its 10th anniversary. According to a CNET News article, JetBlue announced on Twitter that it would be giving out about 1,000 free round-trip tickets at three undisclosed locations in Manhattan that day.

There was a catch: In order to claim the tickets, people had to bring something with them. At the first spot, a birthday card for JetBlue; at the second, an item of blue clothing and something related to planes; and at the third, a postcard depicting the mystery 10th city out of which the carrier started operating flights.

The tickets — around 300 at each location — were gone less than 30 minutes of each Twitter announcement.

Wouldn't this — a scavenger hunt with clues and a prize, announced via Twitter — be a great way to get attendees on the trade-show floor? Or a fun way for them to explore your meeting's host city?

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PCMA Membership Blog said...

This is a really fun idea and I think people would love to participate in something like this. Do you think some organizations already do this type of thing?