Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Cold Comfort

My friend and former coworker Erin Fuller is an accomplished association executive and strategic consultant. Today she spoke to the National Association of Home Builders. This was her status update on Facebook just before she did:
Erin M. Fuller is about to speak at the Natl Assn of Home Builders' conference... In a very chilly room.
Yes, that's right: People will always notice if the room is too cold. But, say Erin had tweeted this and tagged it to your event, and you were monitoring the backchannel, so you found out about it as soon as she did. Isn't it pretty cool (no pun intended) that you'd be able to respond to speaker feedback almost immediately? If you couldn't bump up the temperature, you could at least bring her a nice cup of hot tea. And then it would be your turn to tweet.

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