Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Snow That Binds Us

If you live on the East Coast or anywhere else in the mid-Atlantic region, chances are you're looking at a scene just like this right now. Here in Arlington, Va., a biblical combination of sleet, rain, and thundersnow (yes, that's a real word) knocked out our power at around 7 p.m. last night; as of now, it's still out. So this morning we packed up our daughters and headed over to the house of some friends who are still on the grid. A few other powerless friends did the same thing, and now there are five different families in this beautiful, cozily roomy home -- the kids outside, playing in the snow, and the adults inside, sprawled in every corner, laptops open, cellphones nearby. We all seem to be getting some actual work done, and having a good time, too. It's like the snow-day version of a working vacation.

There's probably some sort of greater lesson in there about the power of spontaneous gatherings and the importance of combining work and play at your meetings, but I'm too busy contemplating the calm, porcelain beauty of the view from my window. Sorry!

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