Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Keeping track of politics and medicine

In the June issue, Executive Editor Chris Durso wrote about a terrific new resource for medical meeting planners: HCEA's (members-only) application tracking state regulations governing pharmaceutical and medical-device company marketing.

Another must-read is Policy and Medicine, where Thomas Sullivan keeps a sharp eye on the lively and often contentious intersection of public policy and medicine.  The president and founder of Rockpointe, a medical education company, Sullivan began the blog a year ago as resource for "those of us in the medical education, communications, and manufacturing sectors of medicine to understand what is happening in the world around us, especially in the era of healthcare reform," he told Convene.

His strong suit is his deep knowledge of the workings of the legislative process -- Sullivan began his career working both in state legislatures and on Capitol Hill -- and his diligence in quickly pulling the relevant pieces together for readers as developments unfold.

Some recent additions: highlights of the House of Representatives discussion of proposed health care reform legislation, and coverage of resistance to ACCME's proposed fee increases to state medical societies. Stay tuned.



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