Sunday, May 9, 2010

Climb Every Bridge

We receive so many invitations to visit such wonderful places around the globe, that all four of us on the Convene editorial staff could easily be on the road or in the air every week of the month. But then, there are those pesky monthly magazine deadlines to deal with.

So, to give us and Convene readers a window on the world by visiting the places we can't, we rely on a small group of freelance writers with experience in the meetings industry. Maureen Littlejohn is our most intrepid reporter. Maureen always jumps at the chance to stick another pushpin in her personal travel map of the world. To cover fam trips for us, she has flown around the United States and Canada, as well as to Scotland, South Africa, Dubai, and Australia — twice. Several years ago, she went to Melbourne, and this week, she's in Sydney, on a trip hosted by Business Events Sydney.

That's Maureen in the photo and here's the e-mail she sent me this morning:

Hi Michelle! I'm in Sydney right now and it is stunning. A gorgeous city. They had us climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge the same morning that we landed. I've attached the photo — luckily the jet lag hadn't hit yet!

It is so like Maureen to throw herself into the place she visits with such enthusiasm. When she went to South Africa, I was told by the fam trip organizer, she was the only member of the press on the trip willing — actually eager — to try a local village speciality, made with fresh insects.

You go, Maureen! As for me and my staff, we've got our own climb ahead of us. Something to do with one of those pesky magazine deadlines this week.

Look for Maureen's write-up of her Sydney trip in our July issue.

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