Monday, May 24, 2010

'The Mentalist' Goes to a Meeting

The jumping-off point for this season's next-to-last episode of "The Mentalist," which aired recently on CBS, was -- wait for it -- a meeting! The (fictional) 2010 Global Human Rights Conference kicked off the plot, which involved the murder of a high-profile crusader against human trafficking moments before he's scheduled to deliver a keynote at the conference. During the course of the show, the (also fictional) California Bureau of Investigation interviews conference organizers, sponsors, and attendees -- exactly as I imagine (nonfictional) police would do if someone were actually murdered at a (nonfictional) meeting.

The episode raises a number of questions for our industry, including: What should you do when a TV news crew ambushes your keynoter as soon as he enters the building? If a serious crime happens during the course of your meeting, should you tell attendees about it? And, perhaps most important, how can I get a head of hair like 'Mentalist' star Simon West has?

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