Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A Show Without Self Check-In?

My wife is helping staff her company's booth at a technology show this week. She's an executive in the government- and military-contracting industry -- an attorney by training and a project manager by profession; exhibitions are not in any way a usual part of her job. So it's a kick to be able to share with her some of the things I've learned in the three years I've been covering the meetings industry for Convene, as shown in this IM exchange she and I had yesterday afternoon:
My wife: OMG. The exhibitor registration line is longer than the line to see Santa in A Christmas Story.
Me: Really? Do you have your reg info on you phone? Can you scan yourself in?
My wife: They don't seem to have that.
Me: They should!
I'm right, aren't I? There's no reason that a tech show serving such an important market shouldn't offer self check-in for exhibitors. Or is there? Do you always want to have some sort of high-touch, human contact with your sponsors, partners, etc.?

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