Monday, July 26, 2010

Extra, Extra!: Convene Newsstand

It's Monday, the day I scour the Web, press releases, Google Alerts, and tips from co-workers and alert readers to bring you the news featured in PCMA's Tuesday e-newsletter, ThisWeek@PCMA.

Here's the archive for ThisWeek@PCMA.

And here are ThisWeek's Extra, Extra! top stories:

Last week the Presbyterian Church became the newest group to boycott Arizona as a result of its new immigration law, reports the Arizona Republic. The church's General Assembly voted 420 to 205 to "refrain from holding national meetings in states where travel by immigrant Presbyterians or Presbyterians of color might subject them to harassment due to legislation." Meanwhile, Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer has said that work will soon begin on an ad campaign designed to push back against the boycotts.

The International Convention of Acrophobics can probably scratch this hotel from its annual meeting short list: The Ritz-Carlton, Hong Kong, opening this December, will occupy the floors 102 to 118 — i.e., right up to the very top, making it the world's highest hotel — in the city's tallest building, the International Commerce Center. Click through to the Huffington Post for renderings of the property, including its top-floor (hopefully non-infinity-edge) swimming pool.

From the "No, This Isn't a Google April Fools' Joke" department: A Canadian company has released a Microsoft Outlook add-on called ToneCheck that — no kidding — acts like a spelling- or grammar-checking tool, but for emotions: "The application gauges words and phrases against 8 levels of connotative feeling, enabling end users to make real-time corrections and adjust the overall tone of messages using a simple menu system," according to the blog TechCrunch.

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