Friday, July 9, 2010

UPDATE #3: Arizona Boycott

The 2010 Border Governors Conference, which was to be held in Phoenix in September, was cancelled by Arizona Gov. (and conference chair) Janice Brewer last week after the governors of six Mexican states announced they wouldn't be attending because of Arizona's new immigration law. (Read our previous posts about the controversial law here.) But, according to The Washington Post, New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson, who is against the law, is trying to reconvene the conference in another location -- because it offers a valuable forum to hash out the issue:
"I feel very strongly, and so do the Mexican governors, that we need to have the conference because this is a conference that has been going for 30 years," Richardson said. "It's a conference that diffuses a lot of problems."
Brewer agrees. In a letter to the Mexican governors announcing that she had cancelled the conference, she wrote:
Naturally I am disappointed by your decision, as I sincerely believed the gathering of the Governors in Arizona would have presented a great platform to initiate dialogue about the legislation and other topics of great importance to the border region.
Well, maybe it's some kind of a start when people on both side of the issue agree about the power of meetings.

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Roger said...

I agree there is a power of meetings, face to face meetings, Face Time. It Matters.