Friday, April 8, 2011

Themed: Bags of Ice

The satirical newspaper The Onion had a great little story yesterday about the events industry.  The headline?

Lazy Event Planner Throws 'Bags Of Ice'–Themed Party

Too funny.  Here's an excerpt (click the link above for the full story):
Lacking the time, energy, or initiative to prepare anything better, Hollywood-based event planner Frankie Haines spent roughly 20 minutes last week organizing a 'Bags of Ice'–themed celebrity birthday bash. "I figure it makes sense: Parties and bags of ice, those are two things that go together," said Haines, describing his inspiration for the hastily created, half-million-dollar soiree, which will feature five massive columns of ice bags stacked throughout the space, ice bags leading up the driveway, and possibly an ice-bag sculpture centerpiece, "if there's time."
What's the most out-there (or quickly slapped-together) theme you've ever used for an event?

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